to slow down and spend intentional, quality time with your family and friends this season,

even in LOCKDOWN!


FaceTime or Messenger Caroling


It’s easy – pick a few of your favorite Christmas songs as a family.

You may want to rehearse first or print out the words first – you’d be amazed at who in your family doesn’t know the correct words!

Then, call friends and family on FaceTime or Messenger and singing a song or two!

You may want to make an evening of it, or make just a single call two or three nights a week. 



  • Get dressed up, put on fun Christmas pajamas or ugly Christmas sweaters for the call!
  • Make it part of your every day life, and call from wherever you are – in the car, eating dinner, cuddled on the couch or having breakfast! The invitation into your regular life will be welcomed by all!


Friends and Family Bonfire​


A winter bonfire is guaranteed for a few laughs, fun and memories that will last a lifetime.

Those nervous about getting together because of potential viruses are more likely to come to an outdoor get-together, so this is a perfect way to celebrate the season!



  • It may feel corny at first, but sing Christmas carols (or worship songs) around the fire. Have someone bring a guitar, or bring out a portable speaker to help you stay on key! 😛
  • Have the kids decorate a tree or buy a Christmas tree to put out by the fire pit with Christmas lights and ornaments! You may want to put it on a timer and enjoy the view from the house all season long!
  • Did you know that you can add essential oils to the logs, such as peppermint, for a Christmas-y scent???


Create a Thankful Tree


This is one of our families favorites!

Gather some sticks from your background or a hike in a park.

Each day, have your family fill out another paper leaf with something or someone they are thankful for.



  • The younger kids can draw something they are thankful for.
  • Make a tradition of it – everyone fills out their leaf every day during breakfast, dinner or the bedtime routine.
  • For a FREE instruction sheet and leaf printables, click the button below!


Family Gingerbread House Contest


This is a hit with every age, from senior citizens to the young kids!

You can buy kits for everyone to choose from, or use the cake decorating supplies that are lurking in the back of your pantry.

You may want to set a time to shoot for – that makes those who would slap it together to take a little more time with it, and accelerate those who would spend all weekend creating the “perfect” design.



  • Ship kits (via Amazon, for example) to your extended family and/or friends with a challenge, design deadline, or video chat day and time for the whole group to build their kit from their own homes!
  • For those with older kids (or no kids), set a theme challenge, such as something you are thankful for, recreate a favorite memory from this year, etc.
  • Invite your extended family or social friends to vote on the best! Post a picture of the finished creations to your social media accounts, and see which receives the most votes by the end of the night.
  • Work together as teams! It creates another element of connection (and coaching!) to help kids refine their leadership skills.
  • Create fun, silly or delicious rewards for the most creative, most colorful, ugliest, etc.
  • Also watch the Dude Perfect Gingerbread contest on YouTube!


Design your own Christmas Cards


There are so many fun ideas for this online!

Get your crafting supplies out and give everyone the freedom to design their own cards, or create a template for everyone to follow along with.


  • This picture came from OneLittleProject’s tutorial. You can see it by CLICKING HERE.
  • Another one I think is fun is THIS ONE!
  • Make a tradition of it – your friends and family will love seeing each year’s design!
  • Have each card’s creator sign their designs!


Weekly Family Advent Activities


Bring Christ back to the center of your holiday focus!

You can find tools to do this from your church or a web search, or use Root Bible’s “Advent in a Box” to enjoy the journey to Christmas at home, at your own pace.


  • Download the PDF, print your supply list (included) and gather your goodies!
  • You will need just a few items that you should be able to easily find in your home, yard, dollar store or with an easy online order.


  • Make two kits & gift one!
  • Have all the extended family gather through video chat for each weekly focus!

With this Advent in a Box, your family will experience Christmas together in a meaningful way this holiday season!


Christmas Lights Tour


A fun classic with a twist:

Start with the standard – Christmas music, hot cocoa, deciding what area of town to go. 


Ideas to change it up:

  • Invite the extended family or friends to follow you, turning it into a Christmas Lights parade tour!
    • A fun addition to this would be to use walkie talkies, so everyone can chat about what they are seeing!
  • Have your kids create awards (drawings, baked goods, and a hand drawn card)  and deliver them to the houses that have the best lights.
  • Set it up as a photo challenge with friends and family – give all the families one hour to snap a picture of the best decorated house and share with the other family teams. Everyone votes at the end which picture wins!


Online Christmas Classes

for the whole family


With kids’ churches shut down or limited all over the country, these live, online classes each week in December for Preschoolers, Elementary kids and Junior Highers are a PERFECT solution!

Enroll with the family price in Root Bible Academy and each one of your kids will be solving riddles, cracking codes and learning the truth about the key players in the historical event of Jesus’ birth!

Plus, there are weekly family activities to reinforce the learning all week, a podcast for parents to help them lead their families spiritually, and binder pages for the kids to complete outside of class!

Click the button below to see Root's MASSIVE Black Friday sale!



  • Share it with your homeschool coop, church families or neighborhood, so that all the kids can see each other online!
  • Make the classes your kids’ “online chapel” each week!
  • Try out a different class time to see which RootCoach your kids respond to the best!
  • Put intentionality in your kids’ spiritual growth through enrolling and staying involved by listening to the free weekly podcasts and using the weekly at-home strategies included with every month’s course!

Have another great idea how to celebrate the holidays?
Share it with us below and we will add it to the list!