Root Bible Academy – the best tool for the spiritual growth of the whole family!

If we want what the world has, we need to do what the world says to do.
If we want what God has for us, then we need to do what God says to do.
This 8-week course will train families how to live the life that God has fully provided for us, including complete healing, being filled with the Spirit and more!.
Course times for Pre-K through High School!

FOR ADULTS. June 9-30.

We clean out our cars.
We spring clean our closets.
We purge our garages of clutter.
We drag unneeded files to the trash on our computers.
But when do we dump the junk in our heads that are the very reason our lives are BOGGED down and our viewpoint skewed?

For your kids.
For the whole family.
Real spiritual growth

at home.

For your kids.
For the whole family.

Real spiritual growth at home.

Root Bible Academy is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that is equipping families to grow together spiritually.

Set up your family or group with online Bible classes taught weekly by live RootCoaches!

Each Membership covers everyone in the immediate family!

Why Root Bible Academy?

Tools to empower parents, not replace them.

You are the spiritual leader of your home, not us. Root will equip you to be that, and do it well.

Helping kids find God and  fall in love with Him.

Through fun weekly learning and tools to apply what they learn, your kids will grow spiritually.

Discover a common language to encourage each other in Christ.

With tools for both parents and kids, you can grow spiritually as a family, not separately.

Since all my kids aged 4-12 are involved in a class, we all can discuss/remind each other what we’ve learned. While we discuss what kids learn in their church classes, Root has consistently made it easy to all learn a specific topic and everyone is involved in the discussion/growing.

Spiritual growth in a fun environment

Spiritual growth

in a fun environment

"This is one of my favorite pics
of my kids [in a Root class].
They are praying together!"

– Lauren,  Ohio, USA

Summer LIVE Courses: IDENTITY

Diary of a WEIRD Kid, Part 1
(June 2021)

As new creations in Christ, we are supposed to be WEIRD to the world and live like Him. But, what does that look like?

Diary of a WEIRD Kid, Part 2
(July 2021)

We continue following our WEIRD kid as we discover how to live a lief that should be normal in Him, but WEIRD to the world!

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