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See some of the courses we will study through together and more details below.


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! There is just one problem – the real story of Christmas is mixed up and missing!
In four classes, we will track down the truth about each one of these characters using clues, verses, and even a treasure map! Your kids will love decoding the real story of Christmas all month long!

2021 LIVE Courses:

Read below for more information on these live classes for the whole family!

Read below for more information

on these

for the whole family!

This is the best ALL-INCLUSIVE online tool for spiritual growth in your family!

Every kid in your family can join a weekly LIVE class, with age appropriate learning, engaging live teachers, and growing friendships with kids from all over the world! It’s like an online Bible school or chapel for kids!

Work your way through a whole course as a family – Each course includes Parent resources and training on that topic, fun games and activities online, fun games and activities to do at home, and more!

(Add the classes that work best for you below – the price will adjust as you add in the classes for each of your kids!)

Want to join in, but there isn’t a class time that works for you yet? No worries – they can participate and grow with a recording of one of the live classes for each age group – a new one is uploaded every week!

Regular Price: $299/year

Kids love having access to:

  1. Access to the Live Root classes in our virtual classroom with other kids from around the world!
  2. Access to ALL the Mini Courses
  3. Access to ALL the games in each of those
  4. Earning coins to spend in the store  or design avatars!

 * Additional LIVE courses may be available for a small fee.

Parents love:

  • It’s one membership that covers the whole family!
  • The ability to set up a login for each kid in the family, without incurring extra costs.
  • Tools that give you the answers to the questions your kids might have in their courses.
  • At home activities to make Christian truths real outside of class!
  • Weekly tips to help your kids grow spiritually.
  • Being able to see the kids progress!

The LIVE Classes are

Current Times for a
Live,  Interactive Video  Class

(US Central Time Zone)

ROOT 68:
(Junior High/Intermediate)

  • Mondays, 10am

  • Wednesdays, 2:30pm

  • Thursdays, 7pm

ROOT Kids:


  • Mondays, 11am

  • Wednesdays, 3:30pm

  • Thursdays, 6pm


  • Mondays, 12p

Can’ join a live time? No problem!

Each week, a recording of a  live class for each age group is made available, so your kids can participate and grow whenever works best in your schedule!

Live Courses

Join with kids from all over the world LIVE
$ 99 / Year
  • Parents can set up a login for each child!
  • Access to ALL the mini courses!
  • Access to one LIVE course each month!
  • Additional LIVE courses are available as well!
  • Access to ALL games and activities!
  • Parents have access to at-home tools to continue the training!
  • Parents have access to additional training, so can answer kids' spiritual questions about what they are learning!
  • Provides a common language for the whole family to encourage and grow together spiritually!
  • Kids can grow spiritually anywhere!

Access all the mini courses, and the from anywhere!


Access all the mini courses and the

from anywhere!


Undercover Christmas
(December 2020)

Your kids will track down the truth about each of the historical figures in the Christmas story using clues, verses, and even a treasure map!

Who is the Holy Spirit
(January 2021)

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He only a cloud who floats around, or is there more we can learn about Him?

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
(February 2021)

At times, God will want you to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so it’s time to learn your tools before you need them!

Fruit of the Spirit
(March 2021)

We have heard of the Fruit of the Spirit, but what really are they? How are they supposed to be a normal part our lives?

In Him Vision
(April 2021)

We can never live the life that God has for us if we don’t understand who God has made us to be IN CHRIST.

(May 2021)

Prayer is a simple thing and yet incredibly intricate! 
So, we take a whole month to learn how to become great pray-ers!

Diary of a WEIRD Kid, Part 1
(June 2021)

As new creations in Christ, we are supposed to be WEIRD to the world and live like Him. But, what does that look like?

Diary of a WEIRD Kid, Part 2
(July 2021)

We continue following our WEIRD kid as we discover how to live a lief that should be normal in Him, but WEIRD to the world!