How I Know I am Saved! The Live Course! (May 2020)

What is Salvation? And what is included in Salvation? Can you be confident you are going to heaven? How can you know if you are saved? We are going to answer these questions and more in this month’s classes!!!

God’s Secret Plan, the Live Course! (February 2020)

God says He has a secret plan from the beginning, but what is it? Join with us each week as we work together to discover His secret plan, kept hidden through the ages. We’ll have riddles to solve, puzzles to… Continue Reading…

Why the Cross? The Live Course! (April 2020)

Why did Jesus HAVE to die on the cross? We learn the power of what happened before, during and after the cross and how Jesus really was sent at the perfect time! Plus, it’s the month when it’s OK to… Continue Reading…

God’s Secret Agent, the Live Course! (March 2020)

Last month we learned that God’s Secret Plan was to send His Son to earth for us – now we are going to learn why God’s Secret Agent was sent into the world, and what His purpose was. We’ll have… Continue Reading…