Who am I?

It’s time that each of us becomes confident in who God has made us to be. But who is that? This is the truth that could change the world. Are you ready?

How can I learn to pray? (Coming Soon)

What is prayer? How do we do it? Can we be confident that God hears our prayers? Learn this and more in these powerful Mini Courses!

How do I read my Bible?

Should a kid read their Bible? How do we do it? Is there a trick to reading the Bible the right way? What should we do if we feel like we are not getting anything out of our Bible reading?

Who is my King? (coming soon)

Who is God? Can we really know Him? Is He more like a Father or a Ruler? What is God like?

Why do we? (Coming Soon)

Why do we do communion? Why do we go to church? Why do we do baptism? What are these things?

Check out a week in the On-Demand Course: Who Is God?

Who is God… really? We have heard things about God, but what is true? Can He really be a God of judgement? How can He be a God of love and still send people to hell? Series Topics: Class 1:… Continue Reading…

Salvation Mini Course

Want to learn more about salvation? Do you know if you are a Christian? Do you want to know how to help someone else become a Christian? Then this is a great mini course for you!!!