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Root Bible is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is helping families to grow together spiritually and to raise up the next generations to experience Jesus in powerful ways!



Finances: Partner with us monthly or with a one-time gift!

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Prayer: Confessions of reaching a generation with TRUTH in bite-size chunks at home!


Team Members: Administrative, Instructors & Graphic and Web Designers


Give the gift with eternal rewards




I’ve tried several different Bible curriculums in our homeschool journey but your class just appeals to the kids.”  – Kathleen, Texas, USA


  • Because families are searching for resources to help provide supernatural roots in a natural world.
  • Kids are in need of Christ-centered tools, classes and resources to train their spirits to be strong in the things of God.
  • Homeschool families, church groups, and Christian schools are searching for something that will equip families to grow together spiritually by easily making available programs that develop their identity in God through an online tool or app. There has not been anything available until now.

Did you know…

  • That the number of homeschoolers has DOUBLED since 2007 and that almost 75% of homeschool parents said moral and values were a big reason why they chose to homeschool?
  • Almost every Christian school (representing almost 4 million kids) is looking for engaging ways to teach Bible and equip families to grow together spiritually?
  • There are over 26 million Christian families with kids in public school that need a fun way for their kids to grow spiritually?


Root Bible Academy offers Christ-centered and Biblical courses that equip the whole family to grow together spiritually.

“Root became a core resource for Bible in our homeschool, providing biblical teaching, fun memory work and a unique class for my kids. They were able to enjoy a “high tech” teaching experience (it was their first online class), gain friends from all over our country, and look forward to studying the Bible. They learned all the books of the Bible within a few weeks during our first month, and I did too! I have recommended Root to ALL of my friends and would encourage any parent to give it a try!”
– Lauren, Ohio, USA

HOW: Develop an online, interactive school with targeted courses so every eternal being grows in Him!

We make it fun for kids to learn and grow spiritually! They will earn for rewards for participating in online lessons, taking fun quizzes, and playing learning games.  Kids will hardly notice that they are combining passion and excitement to grow in the knowledge of a relationship with God! Students will be built up all week long in who God is, what He thinks about them, who God has made them to be, and how to renew their minds on these truths!

It’s not just for the kids!

Parents are resourced to be the spiritual leaders through Root Bible Academy as well! You’ll be able to log in and see each child’s progress through the courses that you choose, have access to additional trainings and easy tools to help you answer the questions your kids may have as they grow.  Root also gives parents great downloads in each live course for you to help make the truths come to life through the week!


This money will be used to bring this vision of a Spiritual K-12 Online Academy to LIFE!!! Root Bible is working with multiple teachers to create additional mini lessons, on-demand courses, and live online classes to build them easily in the basics of their identity with this online academy tool! Here is what needs to be financed and created, to be fully launched by March 2020
  • Non-Profit (UPDATE: Only need $900 more to complete this!)
  • Trademarked
  • 20+ Mini course lessons recorded, edited and loaded to the website (UPDATE: Over 20 are recorded! Now just waiting on the editing)
  • On Demand courses recorded, edited and loaded to the website
  • Live courses available (UPDATE: We are currently testing this out with around ten families and they are LOVING IT!!!)
  • Website LIVE (UPDATE: The RootBibleAcademy.com site is live!)
  • Educational Platform Updates (UPDATE: The site already has over 100 families registered for the free mini-courses! We still need money to streamline the exhaustive signup process and child account creation.)
  • TEST Market presented in Columbus, OH at the end of May (UPDATE: This was cancelled, due to the Corona Virus scare) 
  • Graphics Department Employed
  • Teachers signed up to teach Mini and Online courses, in a variety of ways! (UPDATE: WE already have a number of teachers, including those who teach in English, in Spanish and in Sign Language!)
  • Advertisements and flyers available and resourced to allow the community the knowledge to access these tools
The remaining cost of this is around $42,000, but any amount moves us closer to that goal! Our family is completely invested to see Root Bible Academy resourced to equip families and would love for you to partner with us to equip the next generation! In one sense, we are missionaries into a world-wide community of those who want to grow deeper spiritual roots in their kids while they are young and be able to do it together as a family! And you can be a part of that as well! You could help start something that has NEVER before existed that will strengthen the Kingdom of God and release a powerful generation who is grounded in the Word and in Spirit!

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    Finances: Support Root Bible with a monthly or with a one-time gift!

        (For larger gifts, CONTACT US for additional tax-exempt giving options)


    Prayer: Confessions of reaching a generation with TRUTH in bite-size chunks at home!


    Team Members: Administrative, Instructors & Graphic and Web Designers

       (CONTACT US for ways to volunteer your expertise!)